Armic is one of the 7 main characters from Unlimited SaGa.

He is a Chapa that is wandering throughout the world.

He is recruitable at a hole in Geckling Village. If you should choose to not to recruit him he opens up a material menu, in which items you already crafted he will sell them such as the dragon skin and witch's eye.


Armic is an okay character, he has 23 Dexterity and a decent level with bows/guns. Despite his decent level in bare-fighting, his Strength is too low to make any use of it(14). He has so-so magic, 16 and level 11 starting Earth.

Armic fills the role of a support character, as he isn't geared into any weapon besides bow, gun, rapier and dagger or any offense element such as Fire, Wind and Water,.