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Barbara is one of the 8 main characters of Romancing SaGa and Romancing SaGa Minstrel Song.

She is a dancer from the Frontier.

Recruiting her triggers the Saruin Arc, she is first seen in the route between Lance and Farce, where she offers to join your party. Then, her recruitment location is at Farce PUB.


Barbara is unnimpressive in her default class, 17 Strength and Speed, 19 in Dexterity.

Promote her to a Vigilant, which costs two Jewels, and see her statuses, it gears her towards Rapiers, Daggers, Bows and Guns.

Her cosplay item, Ishinas Headdress, boosts her Speed and Magic, but if you were smart and promoted her to a Vigilant, she shall becom an excellent Rapier user and Mage, recommended for the last stages of the game, with the Ishinas Headdress alone and Vigilant class, Barbara shall have 22 Speed and 24 Magic.