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Blue is one of the 7 main characters of SaGa Frontier, while Rouge is a recruitable

They are twin brothers.

Blue and Rouge are from the Magic Kingdom, they have a mission to get all Spell Arts possible and engage in a ferocious duel.

Blue is recruitable at the right side of the King's Capital after killing the Sphinx, while Rouge is at the left side. But Blue doesn't join your party if Red is in it.

And if you already recruited one, the other will not be recruitable anymore.


Blue/Rouge is the best mage of the hack. Due to the sole fact he can use ALL magics, plus his Realm Magic. This also means that he has great benefits with Valeria Heart and Ice Sword, since Valeria Heart has innate Self-Burning, which deals damage to the enemy when physical contact is made, damage dealt is dependant on Fire Magic level. While Ice Sword does the same as the Valeria Heart, but it is the Freeze Barrier, which works same as Self-Burning, but it depends on Wind Magic Level.

After the duel, Blue/Rouge gets 5 additional points in Magic equipped with the Three Goddesses Bracelet, his cosplay item.

His main weakpoint is his low Stamina, reduced even more if you plan to boost his Magic with classes, Agility is also Blue/Rouge's weakpoint, the player may have serious problems with him while choosing a good class.

Overall ScoreEdit

  • 21 Magic initially. +1 point.
  • Can use the six common spell types. +3 points.
  • Can't deal any good damage with any weapon. -2 points.
  • Bad Stamina. -1 point.
  • Realm Magic. +1 point.
  • Most classes used to boost their Strength/Dexterity ends up screwing them, rather than helping. unlike some mages. -2 points.
  • After duel, 27 innate Magic power. +2 points.
  • After duel, Dexterity and Speed goes to 22. +3 points.
  • Duel is hard to win and has no similarity to SaGa Frontier duel. -2 points(optional).
  • Overall Score: 5. Thay are the best mages in the hack, obviously. But only one of them may join you.