Cat is a character from Romancing SaGa 2. She is a City Thief under the Thieves Guild of Loanne.

She is recruitable at Loanne Thieves Guild after killing Godwin.


Cat is specialized with Daggers and Bare-fighting, but her Strength is low(15), this means that Bare-fihhting wouldn't be appropriate to her. She is the second fastest character, losing to Katarina equipped with the Mascarade(30 Speed), Cat spots 26 Speed and 23 Dexterity, this also means that she is ideal for that lovely Fleurs d'Mal Art(Irolina Star exclusive art), Phantasmagoria and Speed of Light Sword.

Cat has 19 Magic, a competent Magic Score, that would gift her with Bare Fighting(because of Ultra Vibration hidden art).

Cat is a decent fighter, and oh, she can steal without the need of Thief Class and Thief Bracelet.