Darque is the "ninth main character" of Romancing SaGa Minstrel Song according to the Ultimania.

He is a member of the Assassins Guild that tried to revive from death by drinking poison, but he would use poison that he is resistant to if Minion Scorn hadn't switched the poisons, resulting with the death of Darque.

Scorn asks Death to put an powerful sorceress' soul and insert in Darque's body to use it as a host to spread chaos into the world.

But Darque mysteriously revives, and the clash of the two personalities gave Darque amnesia, now wandering the world to retrieve his lost memories.

He is recruitable at the entrance of Farce after beating the hack once.


Darque starts with the Assassin class, that gives him a discount with Dagger Arts. But his real speciality is the Scimitar, but his Strength is very low(14) to make any profit of it. If you are really planning to use him as a physical hitter, try to up his Strength to at least 17 or 1 but still look out for his Speed.

But his worst problem is when his memories finally awaken after the first fight with Death, if you have a low Greed Counter, Aldora, the sorceress' memories shall be awakened, that is a real problem, because the best items in the hack can be obtained with a low Greed Counter. While Darque's memories need a high Greed Counter.

If you want those items and continue playing as Darque, you will have to cheat.

Be sure to put Darque in:



Main Character - 0

Third Position - 1

Fifth Position - 2

Darque is the most tricky character to use, he has various strong points, but the fact that he doesn't have a cosplay item jams his potential.