Ellen is one of the 8 main characters of Romancing SaGa
Ellen(Inferno Robe)
3. She is a settler from Shinon.

She is always recruitable in Lance.


Ellen is one of the best characters of the hack. She, can wield almost any weapon and deal good damage. Although her specialities are the Axes and Bare-Fighting.

But her Dexterity is pretty low(13), meaning that she will miss attack with higher frequency.

But she also can be an effective mage by changing her class early on, or a battlemage, why not?

When she gets the Love Letter(it isn't her cosplay item), she will gain 2 in all her statuses, but the Love Letter has only 18 Magic Defense, and it you can't remove it from her.

She has two Cosplay Items, the Zircon Axe, bought after saving the Small Village from Kujinshi, and the Inferno Robe, starting equipment of Volcano.

The Zircon Axe boosts further her physical statuses and punishes her magical ones, while the Inferno Robe boosts her Magic by 5 and her Will greatly with her default class, Shinon Settler.

Ellen can deal death in both physical and magic means, a thing that Gray can't. She is one of the best characters of the hack, and it wouldn't hurt to train her.