Fuse was the intended eighth main character from SaGa Frontier. 

He is a member from IRPO.

He is recruited during the Cards Quest at Loanne Prison. After getting the Shield Card, he is recruitable at a hut in Great Arch.


Fuse normally is so-so, as he hasn't a 20 in any stat. This is fixed in battle when he can become "Enraged Fuse"(actually his skin only becomes red), boosting his physical statuses, then, he does good damage with physical arts.

He is just like Red, unimpressive normally, but when the sprite changes, they become great assets.

Overall ScoreEdit

  • Decent statuses. +1 point.
  • Unimpressive statuses. -1 point.
  • Transformation. +3 points.
  • Overall Score: 3, Fuse is okay, even though he turns into a killer machine while enraged, Alkaiser is better, but with lower status boosts.