Gerard is a key character from

Romancing SaGa 2. He is the son of Leon and brother to Victor.
He is recruitable at the PUB from Small Village after speaking with Subier.


Gerard is specialized with Swords, but his Strength isn't impressive to use the efficiently(16).

Get him to use Rapiers instead, it another of his specialities, and it is better, since his Dexterity is respectable(21).

Giving magic to him isn't a bad idea.

Gerard's true potential lies in his cosplay items, Victor's Sword, Leon's Crown and the Day Blade.

Victor's Sword and Leon's Crown can be gotten at the same place, Loanne University. The Day Blade is obtained after saving the Small Village.

Gerard with Victor's Sword makes him a physical hitter, getting 5 points in Strength, but reduces all other statuses except for Stamina.

Gerard with Leon's Crown makes Gerard win 4 points in Strength, and 2 in Magic, but reduces all statuses.

Now Gerard with the Day Blade makes Gerard an real killing machine as Orion, the Last Emperor, spotting 20+ in all statuses.

Gerard can't be really powerful as himself or Leon, but either as Victor or Orion. Gerard is very useful once you get Victor's Sword or Day Blade, as he will be physically powerful.