Ginny Knights is the last main character from SaGa Frontier 2, and also the last playable character from the Knights family. Ginny is the daughter of Rich Knights and granddaughter of Wil Knights. She is a 14 year old novice Digger, she leaves her house alone without her mother's permission.

She is recruitable at Stanley PUB after saving her alongside Primiera.


Although she is a Digger, her class doesn't say so, so be sure to change her class to Digger to fix her statuses.

Initially, Ginny isn't any impressive, her statuses are average all around, just like Haolahn, but she is a SaGa Frontier 2 character, meaning that her roles will prove useful in battles.

Her starting role is Perplexion, that has varied effects, vut it is the only role that can spark other exclusive roles.

Now to her cosplay item, the Eternity Staff can be obtained stealing from the Real Queen, 3rd Zweig Tournament. This fixes some of her disappointing statuses and allows her to use both Sun and Moon Magic. Her exclusive hidden role(Only her, Gustave XIII and Wil Knights can have those), Night Hunting grants a Shadow Servant to an ally, making her the best support character of all.