Gustaf is a major character from SaGa Frontier 2. He is the descendant of Gustave XIII, but not his son.

He possesses the royal blade of Finney, the Firebrand.

He is recruitable at Tefal PUB.


Gustaf is pretty decent, having 21 in both Strength and Agility, this helps him with Bare Fighting.

His main speciality is, obviously, Big Swords, and he starts with one, his Firebrand, that has an unique art, Rising Nova, which easily deals 2000+ damage, but fire-elemental. And the Fire Slash.

He has 17 Magic, this allows him to deal decent magic damage if he is running low in WP.

Overall ScoreEdit

  • Firebrand is stronger than the Valeria Heart. +1 point.
  • Firebrand is forced equip. -1 point.
  • Firebrand hasn't fire barrier. -1 point.
  • Gustaf has high Strength and Agility. +2 points.
  • Firebrand has Rising Nova Art. +1 point.
  • Gustaf hasn't a cosplay item. No point changr.
  • Gustaf has 17 Magic, high for a fighter type character. +1 point.
  • He also specializes with Fire Magic. +1 point.
  • Overall Score: 4 points. Good.