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Johan is an assassin from SaGa Frontier 2.

He is recruitable at the following conditions:

  1. Nacht Zweiger destroyed.
  2. Got Gustave's Sword.
  3. Gustave XIII in party.
  4. Free space in party.

He is found unconscious near Professor's House by Gustave, he automatically joins the party.

After the first recruitment, he is found with Gustave in Mules Weapon Shop.


Johan's Strength, Dexterity, Agility and Magic are very high, but his Stamina is so low, 9.

He comes with high Wind and Moon levels, which makes him a great mage, if not his death.

He comes with the War God Role, that has the same effect as Dragon God Descent. It would be a bad idea using it on him, as it costs 1 LP, and Johan has only 5 LP.

Overall, Johan fits the Berserker archetype, very, very strong, but very, very difficult to maintain.

Overall ScoreEdit

  • Overpowered. +7 points.
  • Lowest Stamina. -3 points.
  • Lowest LP. -2 points.
  • Roles usable. +1 point.
  • Classes can make up a little his bad Stamina. No point changes.
  • No cosplay item. -1 point.
  • Overall Socre: 3. Johan can be easily beaten, but nothing good armor can do it, unlike Zozma, that can't equip good armor.