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Narcisse is a character from SaGa Frontier 2.

He is an experienced adventurer, and helps Wil to reach Alexei.

He is recruitable after Tree of Life Event.


Narcisse is a great non-cosplay character. He is an great Fire Magic user, and his Role downs all enemies' Magic, Charm and Will by 8. Useful against Blue/Rouge and their shadows.

Also, if you get him to learn Burst Cannon, he will rack 5000+ damage with Level 25 in Bows and Arrow LV2.

Equipping Valeria Heart to him, gives him automatic Self-Burning, that should finish his setup.

Anyway, Narcisse is capable of using Magic, Bows and Guns, and still rack severe damage to his foes.

Overall ScoreEdit

  • High Magic. +2 points.
  • Decent Speed. +1 point.
  • Able to use Roles. +2 point.
  • Bad Strength. -1 point.
  • No cosplay item. No changes.
  • Magic output can be increased with classes. +1 point.
  • Bad Stamina. -1 point.
  • Overall Score: 4. Narcisse isn't any disappointing, as he can deal decent damage with weapons that need high Dexterity to deal considerable damage. An powrrful battlemage.