Natalie is a character from Romancing SaGa 2. She is a Ocean Woman that asks the player about Subier.

She is recruitable at Great Arch INN after defeating Subier without defeating the Master of Ocean.


Despite Natalie being a Ocean Woman, she starts with respectable high level with Wind Spell Arts.

Her main speciality is the Spear, but she hasn't a high Strength(16) to make any advantage with this. You should have better spearsmen like Primiera, Neidhart, Sif, Sharl and Harid.

But her Dexterity(23) is great, as her Speed(17), making her a better Rapier user than both Dianas.

Although her Strength isn't any impressive, her damage output with Spears can be furthered with Pierce LV5(You must be very lucky to get it), this also works with Rapiers, this means that Rapiers will always get better with her.

Her Magic power is decent(20), but her Magic choice is not any appropriate for her(Unless you want to use her as a secondary healer) if you want to deal heavy Magic damage. Sun or Water are best for a secondary healer or magic pummeler.

Natalie has vast potential, but it crumbles to dust if you don't know which Weapon or Spell Arts you shall give to her..