Red os one of the 7 main characters of SaGa Frontier.

In battle he can transform into Alkaiser, his superhero form.

He is a boy that lost his family for Black X, an criminal organization, in the hack, it's Dophore Firm behind all this instead of Black X. He got his powers at the verge of death by Alkarl, another superhero.

He is recruitable at the second floor of Librof PUB after clearing "Cygnus Assault!", but unrecruitable if Blue is in the party.


Red is a very unimpressive character, even though he hasn't low statuses, they aren't that high.

But the very strong point? Morphing him to Alkaiser, of course! As when in his Alkaiser form, his statuses are boosted, Red will have 24 Strength while Alkaiser.

Alkaiser also has his special arts, they are very useful when you don't have too much Martial Arts. Once Alkaiser learns Re-Al-Phoenix from Al-Phoenix, he will deal damage equal to an Hidden Weapon Art, lik Vandalize, 1000 Hands of Kan-non, Quadruple Kick, Bloody Rage, etc.

Red alone isn't a bad character, but isn't a great character, but Alkaiser is the main reason you would want Red in your party.