Rich Knights
Richard Knights is a character from SaGa Frontier 2. He is the son of Wil Knights and Labelle. When he crosses ways with a mysterious girl called Misty, he urges to destroy The Egg.

He is recruitable after killing Alexei, and sealing 2 Abyss Gates at Westia PUB.


Rich, unlike his father, is a great battlemage, he has 20 Strength and 19 Magic, this can be furthered even more when equipped with the Valeria Heart, oh boy, he becomes a great character overall, he boasts 23 Strength and 22 Magic, making him a solid battlemage. Also, he spots 20 Speed, a nice amount for a battlemage!

His best bet is Fire Magic, of course, we should get a benefit from that innate fire barrier!

Surely the best battlemage of the hack, boasting very high statuses isn't a thing for any other battlemage.