Ants EventEdit

  • After defeating the Hive Queen in Vanguard's underground, speak to the old man in Old Pidona, and he shall tell you about the ants.
  • With an main character 256-510 HP, the Old Man's house shall be flooded with ants, kill them and the old man shall ask y if you shall fight the ants, the first choice confirm that, while the second finishes the event. Of you hadn't seen the old man in 256-510 HP and your HP is higher than that, the ants shall kill the old man.
  • Regardless of doing the first two parts, sleep at the INN in Pidona after encountering a Tambattler, and ants shall swarm it, go to Old Pidona and enter the hole that Nusakan runs his clinic, you won't enter Nusakan's clinic, but another hive, where the Real Queen awaits you.

Jeanne's Request Edit


  1. Defeated Devil King's Armor
  • 1 - In the Mung Tribe, enter the first hut and speak with Jeanne(Blonde woman with red clothing), she shall mention that she fought Rocbouquet and was defeated, and asks the player to defeat Rocbouquet at the Crystal Ruins.
  • 2 - Speak with Rocbouquet and now, you can decide if you shall help her or fight her.
  • 3 - Go downstairs, fall in the big hole, go downstairs again and fight the Stone Guardian.
  • 4 - Go to the treasure chests, in the right one, there is one Recovery Stone and the left one there is the Topaz of Earth. If you decided to help Rocbouquet, she will get powered up before you get the Topaz.

Edessa Fortress Edit


  1. Superhero Robin complete.
  • 1 - Speak with the old man in Yamas Weapon Shop, he shall mention Bokuohn's location, at Edessa Fortress.
  • 2 - Go to Edessa Fortress and fight the Giant.
  • 3 - Make your way to fight an Crystal Dragon.
  • 4 - At the ledge, speak with Bokuohn and fight him, you get Moonlight Blade after defeating him.

Subier Event Edit


  1. Must have done the Vanguard event.
  2. Talked to Subier in Forneus dungeon.
  3. Recruited Gerard
  4. Talked to girl in Great Arch inn
  5. Bought seashell from the house above the boat
  6. Talked to fish in the cave just below Great Arch on the map screen
  7. Do not kill the fish(kills the event i believe)
    1. After obtaining the coordinates head back to the vanguard and choose the last option.