Excalibur Edit

  • Recruit Zeke, to recruit him, talk to him and the Innkeeper at the Great Arch. Win 15 consecutive fights, and recruit Zeke at the INN in Great Arch. Next talk to Tiberius in Pidona Tower. In Loanne, go to the leftmost house which the music changes, talk with everyone, even the old man in a bed, you should get the Excalibur.

Bliqis, the Godslaying AxeEdit

Condition to Begin 1: Have Magic Magi before getting Flame Magi.

Condition to Begin 2: Apollo is defeated, or before you get the flame magi from Apollo

  • Talk to the man in the house adjacent into Thomas'.
  • Speak with Colonel in Mules.
  • Talk to the man with an top hat in Pidona PUB.
  • Return to the house adjacent to Thomas' and talk to the little girl.
  • Go to Podol PUB and talk to the brown haired girls.
  • Go to Leonid's castle, I don't remember the room you should go, but examine all bookshelves, one of them should tell an tale that a man was capable to slay a god with an axe.
  • After reading this tale, talk to Colonel in Mules, he shall give you the Bliqis.

Tower to the ParadiseEdit

Conditions: Finished Bliqis event and defeated Apollo.

  • Talk to the man in the house adjacent to Thomas', this shall open the tower for you in an island west of Pidona.
  • After entering the tower, climbs until you see the man with an top hat, he shall walk away and summon Gen-bu.
  • Repeat the process, climb until you see the man with an top hat, this time he shall summon Soryuu.
  • Climb, and the mysterious man summons Byak-ko.
  • Climb, and the mysterious man shall summon the last of the four, Suzaku.
  • Climb 5 floors, and you shall see an old woman, that supposedly recovers your team.
  • In the highest floor, it is a pitch-black place with blue dots in some places.
  • The man with an top hat says that he is the Creator, and says he created all monsters by fun, and the adventures of the player was merely a game for him. The player gets enraged due the fact he/she gets used as a pawn. The Creator then decides to grant the player a wish, but the player wants to slay the being, which finds amusing and confronts the player.
  • After the battle, you shall get the Soul Jewel.

Treasures Arc Edit

  • After hearing about Abyss Gates by Anna and Johannes, the Great Freak Circus will be open.
  • After this, talk to the blonde man in a chair in the second floor of the leftmost house in the middle of Pidona. He will mention about Angel Wings to you, then speak with a man with white attire and pink hair, his name is Apollo, he will be an key character of this arc.
  • Then, speak with every mohawk guy at the Great Arch, until appears one that don't asks you for gold, he will mention about an demon in the North Treasure Cave.
  • Now, go to the Freak Circus, remember, the circus' town which it's held changes after any fight. Visit all the tents, then, sleep at the INN of the town which the cirvus are being held.
  • Like step 4, visit every tent. Don't enter the left one yet, enter the middle tent to save the Fairy, then, visit the right tent to fight the Soul Eater, and finally enter the left tent and grab the Angel Wings from the Mariche figure.
  • After getting your first treasure, go to the North Moses INN, talk to the blond girl in green dress, her name is Kai, and she will give you another Treasure, this one indicates treasures left for grabbing.
  • Talk to the man with a hat and brown attire, he is Colonel, he is outside the Divine Tower by crossing the Naj Desert, do this as earlier as you can, because I forgot which time you should talk to him.
  • Remember what I wrote at step 3? Now go to the Treasure Cave north of the Great Arch, you will see a creature running too fast, kill the demon. Now it is up to you to decide which Treasure you should get.

Thunder Magi: Get with the man in Fulbright's room after the second trade mission, REMEMBER, you can't get this Magi anymore if you completed the third trade mission before getting this Magi.

Eyes of Truth: Get it from Tiberius after killing Maximus

Agility Magi: Get it from the Professor after destroying the Nacht Zweiger

Ice Magi: Kill Ice Dragon after getting the Ice Sword from Ice Galaxy, you must talk to Ward before going to the Ice Lake.

Magic Magi: Talk with Colonel, he appears in very random places from towns to dungeons, be sure to search them! After talking with Colonel, talk with Kai in Shinon INN/PUB, and she will give you the Magi.

  • After getting those Treasures, talk to Apollo, and he shall give you the Flame Magi. (Do this after you get the book of bliqis)
  • If you followed correctly this arc, there's 5 Treasures left:

Poison Magi: After defeating Rocbouquet, you can fight Noel in Syvash Ruins, east of Rashkuta, by defeating him at the first time, you're rewarded with the Poison Magi.

Defense Magi: Get defeated in a fight, then Odin shall challenge you to a fight. After defeating him, you will get his his spear, Gungnir and the Defense Magi.

Masamune: You should have the Eyes of Truth, recruit Haniwa at the Eastern Plains, then talk to Jubei at the PUB in Xuan City, Haniwa will try to escape from you. This shall trigger a fight with it. After the fight, you will get the Masamune.

Power Magi: Sleep in Mules INN with Kai in the party, you shall fight Ashura. After the fight, you shall get the Power Magi and the Defender.

Aegis Shield: First you must defeat Odin and sealed 4 abyss gates. Next is recruit Nina and Paul. Then head to Zweig and talk to the old man. Next head to Kidlanto and talk to Venus, and then remove Nina and Paul from the party. Then head back to Kidlant and talk to Nina and then Venus. Then head to Zweig and instead of the tournament you should trigger an event involving Venus. After the battle you will recieve Aegis Shield.

  • After this, all the 12 Treasures were gotten:
  • Angel Wings, Mirror of Truth, Thunder Magi, Agility Magi, Ice Magi, Eyes of Truth, Magic Magi, Flame Magi, Poison Magi, Defense Magi, Power Magi, Masamune and Aegis Shield.
  • With all the 12 Treasures in the inventory, go to the Divine Tower, talk to Kai, but Apollo will appear and kidnap Kai, threatening kill her if the player doesn't give to him all the 12 Treasures.
  • Make the same way you did to defeat Maximus' monsters, remember? Apollo will be there waiting for you, a fight will be triggered, after dying unable to contain the power of the 12 Treasures, you will get all the Treasures again. Kai will be avaliable for recruitment.
  • To continue to the last stage of this arc, recruit Colonel in the unknown building. Offer Saruin all the Fatestones, and with all Treasures in your inventory. After defeating him, Saruin will try to kill the player by destroying the dungeon. Colonel dies trying to contain Saruin's power, but all the 12 Treasures are used to summon the Godddess of Destiny, which revives Colonel. The Goddess says that the Last Defense System was activated and can also destroy the world.
  • Player and Goddess meet at the Kidlanto Cave, where the Last Defense System lies, fighting it's way through, the player fights and destroys the LDS, finishing this arc.