Asellus' EventsEdit


  1. Main Character's HP is below 513.
  2. Ice Lake Monsters complete.
  3. Podol and Snow Village aren't avaliable in the map.
  • 1 - Speak with everyone at Justerm.
  • 2 - Speak with White Rose at Justerm INN
  • 3 - Go to the Ice Lake and speak with Asellus.
  • 4 - Return to the rightmost house in Justerm and speak with the girl, that's Gina and buy a dress for 3000 Gold(it does not count as a item.).
  • 5 - Return to Asellus and recruit her.
  • 6 - Speak with Gina.
  • 7 - Go to the house below the INN at Farce and enter the room.
  • 8 - Unlock Podol by speaking with the man at Shinon PUB.
  • 9 - Go to Leonid's Castle, then make your way to White Rose, she is at the room going downstairs.
  • 10 - With a Dream Jewel in the inventory, enter the room, exit, then speak with Asellus.
  • 11 - With 513 HP, recruit Asellus again and sleep at an INN, and fight Lion Princess.
  • 12 - Recruit White Rose, speak with Reihime at the top of Xuan City.
  • 13 - Speak with Reihime again.
  • 14 - At Orlouge's castle, speak with him, then fight him. You get Astral Coat after defeating him.
  • 15 - Speak with Gina and get the Asura(or Maboroshima, your choice).

Blue/Rouge Arc Edit

  • 1 - With Gerard and Blue/Rouge in party, speak with the woman in red clothing at the Dry River, she is Oaive, she will eventually talk to you about Cards or Runes, select Runes(first option) and Cards(second option).

​Vitality Rune

  • Examine the Rune at the Monster Cave north of Kidlanto and battle an elemental-type enemy.

Freedom Rune

  • Examine the Rune at Lube Mountains and battle an serpent-type enemy.

Hide Rune

  • Examine the Rune at Zelnam Cave and battle an insect-type enemy.

Victory Rune

  • Examine the Rune at the Treasure Cave south of the Great Arch and battle an zombie-type enemy.
  • 2 - After getting the 4 Runes, you get the Rune Stone.

Saber Card

  • Speak with the skeleton in Stanley, he shall mention a man called Gen.
  • Speak with the man with a white shirt in Xuan City PUB, and he shall take you to the Destroyed Castle.
  • At the room, you shall see three children, you can choose to see with the Mind's Eye or with common eye.
  • Seeing with the Mind's eye shall get you the Saber Card, while seeing with the common eye shall get you into a fight with 5 Sword Gods, defeating them grants you a Meteor Sword.

​Shield Card

  • Speak with Fuse at Loanne Prison, he shall get you into Snow Village.
  • Interact with the icicles at the Ice Galaxy, you shall fight a Ifrit(common enemy) and you shall get the Shield Card.
  • Or you can get it from Fuse with Red in party, without going to the Snow Village.

Gold Card

  • Speak with the static Gnome at the Treasure Cave north of Great Arch with 5 Gold Ingots or more, and it shall give you the Gold Card.

Grail Card

  • Speak with the unusual NPCs at the PUBs in the following order:
  • Pidona > Loanne > Librof > Moses > Farce.
  • After this, go to the Poison Ruins and go to the right entrance and interact with the right part in the wall, a image will be provided:

Romancing Saga 3 aabeta.006
  • 3 - After getting the 4 Cards, you obtain the Arcana Tarot.
  • 4 - With Blood Freeze, Burnout, Heaven's Thunder, Super Gravity, Comet Fall and Black Ice mastered, with Blue/ Rouge in party, engage the other twin to battle in the middle entrance in King's Capital, after winning, Blue and Rouge fuses and beomes the image and memories of the winner.
  • 5 - Talk with Death in his lair and fight Hell's Lord.

Showdown! Alexei GangEdit


  1. Kidlanto Monster clear
  2. Gon is Missing clear
  • 1 - Recruit Wil at Yamas PUB
  • 2 - Speak with Narcisse at Westia PUB
  • 3 - Speak with Tyler at Justerm Weapon Shop, now there is a branch:
  • If Cordelia is in your party, continue.
  • If Cordelia isn't in your party, skip to 13.
  • 4 - Go to Kidlanto and speak with the blonde man with blue shirt and pink pants, he is Alexei.
  • 5 - Talk with the mayor's wife.
  • 6 - Talk with Alexei.
  • 7 - Talk with the Mayor's children.
  • 8 - Talk with Alexei.
  • 9 - Speak with the man walking in front of Kidlanto INN.
  • 10 - Speak with Gon at Muse's House.
  • 11 - Go to the Monster Cave, speak with Kai. Aother conditional branch is triggered:
  • If you decide to send Cordelia: She will die and won't be avaliable for recruiting.
  • If you decide not sending Cordelia: The event will end.
  • 12 - Speak with Wil in Yamas PUB and recruit him again.
  • 13 - Go to the top of the Desolate Island and fight Alexei, get the Pocket Dragon accessory.