Romancing Saga 3 aabeta.003~01
The Professor is a NPC in Romancing SaGa 3, but a playable character in both aabeta and Bokuno hacks.

She is recruitable after destroying the Nacht Zweiger.

She also gives the Agility Magi to the player if he/she is doing the Treasures Arc after destroying the Nacht Zweiger.

The Professor sells guns too, and she also created Coppelia instead of Hiraga(She assumes this role).


A  terrible character, she may have high Dexterity and Charm, but her other statuses are just pure garbage. But I also reccomend recruit her because of her Formation "Professor's Formation", this one boosts Attack, Defense and Agility for ALL Allies. But don't take her for battle, it will be pure suicide of her!!