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Slash Slash + Bash Bash Pierce Pierce Arrow Bash

Sword Edit

Name Japanese Name Power Obtained Exclusive Arts Note
Broad Sword ブロードソード 12 Bought in various shops.
Bloody Sword ブラッディソード 19 Podol Cave, stealing from various skeleton enemies. Final Strike Unequippable
Silver Sword 白銀の剣 25 Buy in Wilminton after clearing first trade mission.
Garal Sword ガーラルソード 28 Steal or Drop from Noel Falcon Slash
Screamer スクリーマー 30 Chest in Dead Man's Well Scare Voice

Final Strike

Glass Sword(SaGa 1-3 characters only).

Seven Stars Sword 七星剣 35 After defeating Maximus Starburst
Vanquishing Sword 降魔の剣 39 Stolen from Frelei Final Strike
Dragon Sword 竜鱗の剣 43 Pidona Workshop(Dragon Scales required). Dragon Slayer Julian's cosplay item.
Mirsa's Sword レフティソード 45 Obtained at the Last Trial Sword of Light

Lefty Fork

Albert and Haolahn's cosplay item.
Dragonlight Sword 龍光の剣 48 Create it with Mythe, Dragon Sword + Dragonheart and 30.000 Gold. Dragon Slayer

Summon Dragon Blade

Asura 幻魔 50 Speak with Gina after defeating Orlouge. Asellus' cosplay item.
Seven Star Sword(Real) 七星剣 77 Via Starburst Star Stream

Curved Sword Edit

Name Japanese Name Power Obtain at Exclusive Art Note
Curved Sword 三日月刀 12 Librof Weapon Shop
Falchion ファルシオン 21 Pidona Workshop(Curved Sword needed)
Blue Dragon Sword 青竜刀 31 Librof Weapon Shop after clearing second trade mission.
Red Peacock 紅孔雀 40 Drop from Night Hawk
Kamsheen カムシーン 45 Get it after defeating the Black Dragon Ruler at the King's Capital with Harid in party. Life Sprinkler Harid's cosplay item to El Nool.
Steelgad 黒鋼の曲刀 46 Create it with Mythe, Red Peacock + Damascus and 8.000 Aurum.

Big Sword Edit

Name Japanese Name Power Obtain at Exclusive Art Note
Big Sword 16 Loanne Weapon Shop
Bastard Sword 23 Pidona Workshop Sword Arts usable.
Flamberge 34 Pidona Workshop
Victor's Sword 34 Loanne University(Bastard Sword + Emperor's Eye) Flow Sword
Vorpal Sword 36 Steal from Mantis Lord Man-Eater Sword
Valeria Heart 40 Steal from Kaiser Peg.

Rare drop from Fire Lord.

Fire Slash Rich Knights' cosplay item.

Automatic Self-burning.

Sword Arts usable.

Mascarade 40 After using Wake Up. Moulin Rouge
Firebrand 42 Gustaf's starting equipment. Fire Slash

Rising Nova

Unequippable, Sword Arts usable.
Lion Sword 44 Lion Princess' starting equipment. Kasumi automatic counter.


Unequippable, Sword Arts usable.
Cross Claymore 46 Buy from Small Village after saving it. Cross Break Sword Arts usable.
Blue Sword 50 Steal from the Devil King. Changed normal attack.
Gustave's Sword 53 Forced equipment on Gustave XIII after defeating his mirror image. Unequippable, Gustave XIII's cosplay item to his 46 year old self. Sword Arts usable.

Giant SwordEdit