Zozma is a character from SaGa Frontier. He is a mystic pursued by Orlouge.

He is hidden in an building at Stanley after defeating Golden Lion and with Asellus in the party.


If you recruit him early, he will be your attacker or as a fighter, or as a mage. He is tied with Asellus as the best mystic in the hack(not counting his armor). Defense-wise, Zozma will seriously take a huge punishment from both physical and magic damage, because of his low Stamina(14) and Will(15).

Also, his exclusive Evil Magic are good enemy sweepers and stunners, be sure to make good use of them.

Overall ScoreEdit

  • Overpowered. +7 points.
  • Very fragile against both Physical and Magic attacks. -2 points.
  • Exclusive Evil Magic. +2 points.
  • Forced Mystic Armor. -3 points.
  • Hard to find. -1 point.
  • Overall Score: 3, decent but with problems.